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Brandon Donahue

United States

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer. She was amazing to work with. Very fast and prompt with every question that I had. She seemed like she was very knowledgeable at what she does. I couldn't have asked for anybody better to work with. I'm definitely recommending more of my friends and family to work with her.

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United States

Cheyenne did a great job working with the less than perfect measurements i provided. She understood that this was an initial pass for me as i gather information and come to understand and price IKEA cabinets, and how they may suit my renovation. She was flexible with this, and played along with me. It's in that openness, I found freedom to go beyond just replacing cabinet for cabinet. She also took the opportunity to let me know of the programs IKEA offers (measuring appointments, installation crew, as well as counter options) I look forward to fine-tuning my plans and putting together an official order in the very near future.

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Frank Blair

United States

2 weeks! From the time that I clicked enter on my computer to submit the online application until I signed the closing papers in my kitchen sitting at my own table took only 2 weeks! The entire process could not have been any more simple and smooth. They would send me an email every time that a document was requested and I would have it uploaded with a confirmation of receipt in less than 24 hours. The phone communication and the level of professionalism was very comforting. This was the quickest, easiest and most worry free closing that I have ever been involved in! The closing attorney took their time explaining every paper that I was signing and was happy to answer any questions that had. I highly recommend them and I will definitely use them again when needed!

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United States

We had a great experience working with the Real Genius team.

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United States

Predictable process and clear communications keeping you always informed of where you are and what cones next and when. Competitive rates.

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Xiaoming Ma

United States

The service was very professional. I will recommend them to my friends.

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Manoj Patel

United States

great service,best price

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Norman Sorenson

United States

The staff was very helpful to get me moved along to complete this Refinance. Everything turned out great and I am thankful for all the help directed in our behalf.

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United States

Lenders were knowledgeable and on top of requirements, closing was done on time. Great rates if you have good credit.

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Tyler Phillips

United States

Working with Real Genius was smooth from start to finish and I highly recommend them in a heartbeat! We closed 10 days earlier than intended (which is rather miraculous if you ask any real estate agent in our area). Our mortgage banker Ryan, loan processor Justin, and the entire supportive team were all a pleasure to work with and so efficient at what they do - as soon as an update came in, we were made aware immediately. My real estate agent is one of the highest performing in the state of FL and he too was impressed. They adjusted to and understood our special circumstances which relied on expertise in having done this for a long time. Rates were as low as we can find and didn't require heavy negotiation. They made us very welcomed as new customers.

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115 years  and still growing strong

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115 years  and still growing strong

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115 years  and still growing strong

We can potentially save you up to $5,000 in lender fees compared to the top 5 lenders in the nation. We accomplished this by having an incredible loan team and efficient technology. What could you do with $5,000?

115 years  and still growing strong
115 years  and still growing strong

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115 years  and still growing strong

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