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Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your House

If you feel that your kitchen and bathrooms are a throwback to the 90s, or that the only thing modern in your home is the flat screen TV, you might be itching for a much-needed update.


You have two options. Costly option A: Move to a home that better reflects your style and taste. Or “less costly” option B: Breathe new life into your current space.


But while option B might speak to your wallet, it isn’t without some costs.


How do you break up with your current style without breaking your budget?


Give your walls some TLC


Nothing transforms a house faster than a new wall color—and this is a great way to showcase your personality and character. Go bright and bold if you have a big personality, or neutral and simple for a more modern feel.


Whatever your fancy, it only takes a few gallons of paint to give your space a facelift.


Ditch the blank walls


Then again, maybe color isn’t your thing. No worries, you can add style and flair in other ways. You can’t go wrong with a gallery wall, scenic photos, and other wall accents to create a focal point over a fireplace or a cozy sectional.


Lighting is EVERYTHING


Can’t remember the last time you switched out a light fixture? If not, you might be overdue for a style update. And if you’ve never tackled an electrical project before, YouTube is your best friend.  


Whether you prefer contemporary, modern, or something in between, new lighting can elevate a room with the flick of a switch.


Move the furniture around


Have fun and experiment with your furniture in different positions. Don’t be afraid to play around with angles, too.


There’s no rule that says a couch has to be against a wall. Put it in the middle of the room, or position it diagonally.


Don’t forget about the exterior


Sure, inside is where you’ll hang with friends and family. But outside is the first thing people see—so don’t forget to add style here too.


Something as simple as planting brightly colored flowers, re-mulching, removing clutter, and power washing can make a big first impression. And if you’re feeling up to it, add a fresh coat of paint to the front door and shutters.


Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize


Your walls aren’t the only place to show a little love. Home accents (candles, vases, plants, etc.) positioned on side tables, a coffee table, and bookshelves can complete a design look—but don’t overdo it. Here’s a pro tip: Objects look better in groups of three.


Bring life to an old sofa


Old sofa killing your style, yet you don’t have the budget for a new living room set?


No worries! Having your couch and loveseat professionally clean can make a big difference, or style it with throw pillows and a throw blanket. And if you feel your couch is beyond resuscitation, there’s nothing a stretchable slipcover can’t fix.


DIY your kitchen and bathroom


There’s a reason why kitchen and bathrooms sell homes. They can modernize or make a home feel outdated. But what if you don’t have the budget for a reno?


In this scenario, a mini-renovation might be just what the doctor ordered.


Re-paint your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, add a wallpaper backsplash, and change out your hardware with modern finishes. You can even use contact paper to cover old countertops.




Don’t believe anyone who says you have to spend big bucks to spruce up your house—many home projects don’t need a professional touch.


But what if you’re ready to take on a more expensive project? Maybe you’re thinking about tapping the equity in your home. Let’s explore this together!


The loan experts at Real Genius are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your home equity options.