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United States

I had a fantastic experience with Real Genius. As a single, first-time homebuyer working an average of four - 12 hour shifts during the work week and well into overtime on weekends, the home-buying process was overwhelming. Thankfully I found Real Genius with Dean Fiore to assist me. He made himself accessible through multiple modes of communication while I was at work. Dean even made himself accessible outside working hours to ensure all questions were answered and every step of the process was understood when I finally had time to focus on how to proceed. During offerings, Dean worked directly with my realtor while I was wrapped up at work to make sure everything was moving as it should for the VA loan's requirements. Under processing, John Capone coordinated with Dean to adapt to my unruly schedule. John and Dean coordinated with me flawlessly to ensure everything was submitted and wrapped up in a beautiful bow came closing date. I cannot thank Dean and John enough... It was a true team coordinated effort and experience. If you work a busy career, Real Genius will adapt to you to ensure buying a home is actually understood and possible!

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Sara Marker

United States

always willing and able to go the extra mile to make sure their clients are fully aware of all offers, features, and prompt return of messages.

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Normand Hébert

United States

I chose this company and specifically Dean fiore because a friend of mine had worked with him a number of times. I could not be happier with the overall experience. Dean is extremely friendly and detail-oriented and John Capone is the same. The process was quick and seamless and went together faster than I imagined. Notary came to our house to close and it was done. One of the easiest refies I have ever done in my life and was surprised at how low the cost was. Will absolutely keep their information on file and recommend them to my friends.

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That Guyy

United States

Talked to Rod about a few plans i would like to do with my house and well he gave me so much info on the topic. It was kinda like taking a short class talking to him he had so much info for me to take in. Id recomend this guy always!

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United States

Very knowledgeable, kind, patient, and non-pushy agents. They give you the best rate straight up without making you argue/heckle for it.

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Andrea Stirdivant

United States

I've worked with Real Genius on 3 mortgages now and they always deliver. They are competitive and will go above and beyond to give you the best rates and with no delays on closings. Pat Moore made himself available to communicate with me throughout the process and via text or after business hours if I needed him. Their portal makes it easy to securely share documents and move through the process quickly. I will absolutely use them for future home purchases! Fantastic company and awesome team of folks to work with!

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United States

Chris Meyer is the BEST!

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Da Ro

United States

I had a great experience working with Joel and the entire team there. They were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. While, my personal experience caused a lot of details and paperwork, I must say they were right there to answer any questions. I was offered a competitive interest rate, and the closing costs were reasonable. I would most definitely recommend Real Genius to anyone looking for a mortgage.

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United States

Good Exp, not at all stressful. Thank you William Hutto for making it such a smooth process for everyone involved.

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April Williams

United States

The agent that helped me was super helpful. He walked he through the price and was willing to answer any questions. Real Genius was able to get me a lower interest rate than what I was first offered by another company. I stitched to Real Genius real quick!

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Put your mortgage to work.

High Interest Credit Cards

Credit cards typically have a much higher interest rate than a mortgage. Consolidating this debt with a cash out mortgage may lower your payment substantially.

Student Loans

In some cases makes sense to pay off your student loans using a mortgage. Talk to one of our experts to learn more.

Other Types of Debt Consolidation

Tax liens, title liens, auto loans and solar are other types of debt that may have a higher interest rate and could benefit from being consolidated into a mortgage.


It's your home. Improve it.

Meaningful Renovations

Certain renovations have a larger impact on your home's value. Invest in your home and your happiness.

Get More for Your Money

Our low-cost loan options leave you with more money to invest in your home.

How Much Can I Take Out?

You may be able to get a loan for up to 80% of your home's value. Veterans typically qualify for more.


Other ways to Refinance

Lower Your Rate

Why pay more when you can pay less? A lower interest could save you thousands.

Achieve Debt Freedom

Retiring soon or want a debt free lifestyle? Reducing your loan term can get you there sooner.

Lower Your Payment

Need some extra space in your monthly budget? Changing your loan term could lower your mortgage payment.

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